Low Salt Intake Can Lead You To Mortality

Low Salt Intake Can Lead You To Mortality

Salt is come form “sal” a  Latin word.  It may be strange for that An English word Salary is also come from salt because it was valuable commodity and also used for trading a currency.

Later is has used for preserving food and flavoring, bleaching and dyeing . and for the production of chlorine and soap. Now a days it is using for chemical industry.

A recent research fail believe since long we listen from each other that salt is harmful for our health. Research found that low amount of component in salt and chloride can you lead you to mortality or heart disease who have hypertension.

Chloride Role In Our Body Physiology

We believe  about slat bad reputation only. And yes that is true that high level of sodium found in salt can lead an individual kidney disease,heart failure, stomach cancer and stroke etc.

But we even cant ignore this that salt has also enriched with chloride which found to maintain level our body on acid bases

According to researchers as most of us know that high intake of salt can lead an individual to several health issue and disease so this finding may confuse several individuals.

But high level of chloride contains in salt is responsible for the lower level of mortality. As the study is at initial stages so researcher didnt provide the complete conclusion.

How Much Salt Should An Individual Eat?

Sodium chloride of salt is an important element for our body. Salt helps to monitor our body function of muscles ,nerves and balance of fluid.

Salt or sodium chloride is combination of sodium and chloride in which 40% is sodium.  Remember high amount of sodium could be harmful. Which can lead us to high blood pressure and kidney stones issue. Most american intake too much salt because of their diet.

Due to which they have high risk of sodium and diseases cause by them.

From Where The Salt Can Get?

Naturally salt can be found in crystalline solid and seawater too. Most of the salt we eat is processed but some of our foods are exist naturally. Like meat, eggs,seafood and dairy related foods.

Health professional advise to people not to take expat salt is in food that is processed because it has already recommended amount of salt there.

The American Heart Association suggest not to take more then 1.5 gm of sodium in a day. Which is aground over a half teaspoon . individuals suffering from cardiovascular or diabetes and high blood pressure should take less then 1.5 gm.

An average american is intake the salt more 3.4 gm in a day . The American Heart Association do not suggest any salt because their kidneys are not mature.

Reducing salt have great impact on health of patients of high blood pressure. However consuming much less amount of salt can leads you to triglycerides and blood cholesterol.

Some studies shows the consuming less amount of sodium chloride can be harmful for heart failure  and diabetes . Hence it depend on the individuals and their condition whether to take more or less salt amount .

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