LED robot party

The eight foot human robot or LED robot is today biggest party appeal. Upon viewing the lit-up robot, your party friends will be out of their seats, moving to the beat with big fun. With rocking music and dimmed lights, the robot will make an entry to your party so grand that your guests will never miss it.

Transform the hall into music and dance floor with our LED robot Miami. The bigger-than-life gentleman is no joking topic. With strikes of chill smoke into the air, confetti gun and a bright laser beams, your party friends will not know what strike them. What a party!

Partygoers will get glow sticks in highlighters orange and green, with which they will chill out the night away. There will be no preventing your guests, with beats ringing in their feet and ears tapping on the floorboards, the party will be off the hook.

Does the party star – such as bat or bar mitzvah – want to lead the guests along with the LED robots? No issue!

The vibe of excitement will transport people to another planet. They will be in so much surprise, they will while out their phones to take images with the robot and to film the star of the evenings exciting getup.

This party will provide amazing and special of top-tech costumes, comedy, street theater and unique visual effects our big robots rosters will bring a flavor of the future to any birthday party or special event.

Equipped with lasers, smoke cannons, strobes, LED lights, pyrotechnics will be center of focus at any corporate party or night club. Capable to add in branding and logos in their set of clothes these eye-attractive robots have dance at product launches and opening for the likes of Samsung and Porsche. Bots are best for trade shows and exhibitions as they interact and talk with crowds, draw football and make an amazing visual spectacle.

Offering full-scale stage shows, interactive walkabout fun, mingle and mix and street performances these party robots are programmed to amaze and delight any crowd. A one of a type of attraction, no 2 robots are the same guaranteeing a special fun experience for your guests and you.

When you are searching for a true man or a robot in a costume, our company will have the top robotic performer for your event. Accessible in all sizes and shapes, with any figure of top-technologyextras and possible branding they will bring a flavor of the future to your event.