Evidence Collection – A Trying Task in Injury Claim Process

Preserving evidence has been shown in the crime shows in elaborated details. The task is important. It leads to either finding the killer or the person responsible for the crime. However, it might come as a surprise to you that to claim personal injury compensation too you would need to preserve evidence. Yes, this is the most intriguing fact of personal injury claim. Olympia Law PC is a law firm which has an entire division loaded with experienced personal injury lawyers.

Evidence collection can be a difficult task if you are in bed and recovering. In such a case you need to send someone over for the task. But, make sure to send someone over because it is important that when you meet with a lawyer, you present everything related to your injury, including evidence.

Olympia Law PC lawyers say that evidence can be divided into some categories. The most important one is physical evidence. This is tangible which means you can touch this evidence. It can show who has been at fault when the accident took place. If you were in the middle of the road when the signal was open, you were inviting accident. In such a case, you will be taken as guilty. You cannot claim compensation forgetting injured in such a situation. However, if you were standing at the side of the road and the vehicle had still hit you, yes you can claim for money. But, the thing is, you would have to show that the driver had breached the responsibility.

Physical evidence needs to be preserved at soon as possible. There is a thing called contamination. Yes, evidence can get contaminated when not preserved. Therefore, you need to do it quickly. Photograph the signs of accident or video tape it. You can try to get witnesses as well if that is at all possible. The officers who were at the scene first can be discussed about the evidence collection process.Everything related to the accident is evidence from a torn piece of cloth to the tire mark, don’t underestimate anything.

Police report plays a great role in injury claim process highlights the lawyers of Olympia Law PC . Therefore, try to get in touch with the cops and try to get their report about the accident that has disrupted your life. In case, you find problem in gathering reports, you can get your lawyer to do it too.

Apart from physical evidence there is evidence of emotional trauma for which you can claim compensation. Make sure to maintain a diary which will show the pain and fear you have been through because of the injury. Don’t rely on your ability to remember things. Memory can vanish after a certain time. So, record everything. Also, the bills that you had to pay for the injury are important too. Preserve them properly as you would need them when calculating the compensation. Missed pay is another important factor which you need to think about. The responsible party needs to pay for the money you have lost because of your inability to go to work.