Soul City Wedding Band Bristol

Soul City Wedding Band Bristol

We are a four piece band based in the city of Bristol and are available for weddings corporate events and parties. Young and old were dancing from beginning to end, they played a wide range of songs suited to all our guests and they sounded great in all of them, It felt like we had our wedding band bristol very own rock concert for our wedding reception and I would recommend them a million times over!

Funkty Dumpty are a band of highly talented musicians who have performed with artists as diverse as Joss Stone, Beverley Knight, Kasabian, Martha Reeves, The Heavy, Strictly Come Dancing Band, Sandi Thom, Happy Mondays, Kelis, Skunk Anansie & Pato Banton and have supported bands including Boney M, The Temptations, The Bay City Rollers, The Real Thing, Elton John, Alvin Stardust, Mungo Jerry, Chumba Wumba The Selector, Bad Manners, Muse, Chesney Hawks & The Noisettes.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol South – Cadbury House Wedding Band Situated among picturesque rolling hills in Somerset, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol South-Cadbury House is the ideal venue for an elegant and sophisticated wedding celebration.

We cover a range of services that you might require to make sure the day runs seamlessly; from supplying a professional pianist to play during your guests’ arrivals or the wedding breakfast, to providing a professional DJ to entertain guests around the band’s live show.

They play a wide variety of music and offer guests many different musical genres to dance to. If you are hiring a wedding band, make sure that you provide the bride and groom with an opportunity to talk to the band members themselves to plan which song will be reserved for the first dance and any other scheduling requests that the couple may have.

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Low Salt Intake Can Lead You To Mortality

Low Salt Intake Can Lead You To Mortality

Salt is come form “sal” a  Latin word.  It may be strange for that An English word Salary is also come from salt because it was valuable commodity and also used for trading a currency.

Later is has used for preserving food and flavoring, bleaching and dyeing . and for the production of chlorine and soap. Now a days it is using for chemical industry.

A recent research fail believe since long we listen from each other that salt is harmful for our health. Research found that low amount of component in salt and chloride can you lead you to mortality or heart disease who have hypertension.

Chloride Role In Our Body Physiology

We believe  about slat bad reputation only. And yes that is true that high level of sodium found in salt can lead an individual kidney disease,heart failure, stomach cancer and stroke etc.

But we even cant ignore this that salt has also enriched with chloride which found to maintain level our body on acid bases

According to researchers as most of us know that high intake of salt can lead an individual to several health issue and disease so this finding may confuse several individuals.

But high level of chloride contains in salt is responsible for the lower level of mortality. As the study is at initial stages so researcher didnt provide the complete conclusion.

How Much Salt Should An Individual Eat?

Sodium chloride of salt is an important element for our body. Salt helps to monitor our body function of muscles ,nerves and balance of fluid.

Salt or sodium chloride is combination of sodium and chloride in which 40% is sodium.  Remember high amount of sodium could be harmful. Which can lead us to high blood pressure and kidney stones issue. Most american intake too much salt because of their diet.

Due to which they have high risk of sodium and diseases cause by them.

From Where The Salt Can Get?

Naturally salt can be found in crystalline solid and seawater too. Most of the salt we eat is processed but some of our foods are exist naturally. Like meat, eggs,seafood and dairy related foods.

Health professional advise to people not to take expat salt is in food that is processed because it has already recommended amount of salt there.

The American Heart Association suggest not to take more then 1.5 gm of sodium in a day. Which is aground over a half teaspoon . individuals suffering from cardiovascular or diabetes and high blood pressure should take less then 1.5 gm.

An average american is intake the salt more 3.4 gm in a day . The American Heart Association do not suggest any salt because their kidneys are not mature.

Reducing salt have great impact on health of patients of high blood pressure. However consuming much less amount of salt can leads you to triglycerides and blood cholesterol.

Some studies shows the consuming less amount of sodium chloride can be harmful for heart failure  and diabetes . Hence it depend on the individuals and their condition whether to take more or less salt amount .

symptoms of food poisoning and home remedies

New Appetite Suppressants Help You Stay with Your Diet Plan

New Appetite Suppressants Help You Stay with Your Diet Plan

Appetite SuppressantsFed up with flavorless and boring diet meals? You may not be alone. Let’s face the facts, most people don’t like dieting. It’s sure not fun cutting out foods you love, and most definitely not fun trying to work out when you’d prefer to sit the couch with the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

The good news is, there’s a new product that can help you: Skinny Piggies. What are Skinny Piggies? First, let’s understand weight-loss.

Fat Burning: Not as Complicated as You Think

Let’s do some basic math quick …

If you want to achieve weight loss your calories in must be below your calories out, meaning your body burns off more calories than you eat by eating and drinking:

Loss of weight = Calories Eaten < Calories Burned

If you want to achieve this caloric deficit, you will want to either boost your burned calories through extra exercise or decrease your intake. In order to get optimal results, you may really want to do both.

Skinny Piggies help you eat a lot less and decrease your caloric intake and that makes achieving weight reduction easier. Include additional regular physical activity to aid accelerate the weight loss process.

Easy enough, right?

Wait a second! That sounds good, but start cutting calories and sugar cravings will set in, not to mention hunger that becomes very hard to bear.

Now that’s what Skinny Piggies supplements are all about. These fun, delightful appetite suppressants are developed to not only help you satisfy those food cravings, but also help you to follow your diet plan by making you less hungry.

So, how does it work?

Here’s How these Appetite Suppressants Work…

The science behind Skinny Piggies is pretty straightforward. Your appetite is caused by 2 main things: the calories you eat and the feeling of food in your stomach. After a big meal, your stomach stretches in size from the food pressed up against the sides, which results in you feeling full and you stop eating.

Ok, so what do you do? Enjoy dessert first! Have one Skinny Piggy 30 minutes before your lunch with a tall glass of water. When the Skinny Piggy gummy enters your stomach, it will absorb the water and expand into a soft gel. The gel then occupies space and notifies your brain that you just had a meal before you have even eaten real food.

30 minutes later and you are all set to enjoy your desired meal! At that point, the gel has expanded and you are moderately full which means you will eat a smaller sized portion and ingest a lot fewer calories but still find yourself feeling full and satisfied.

Have a Skinny Piggy and you’ll end up eating less calories, reduce sugar cravings and allow your body be in fat-loss mode for longer time while feeling full.

That means you can avoid desire for food and hunger, food cravings, and keep your calories down, all without feeling like you’re on diet.

Feel Full for Longer

The soft gel also allows the stomach to empty slower leaving you satisfied a lot longer. The longer you feel full, the less likely you are to remain to eat which allows you to accomplish a lower calorie intake.

As the gel surrounds the food it slows down the absorption of sugars which flattens your blood glucose level. By reducing spikes in your blood glucose level you are preventing those strong cravings too.

When you reduce blood sugar spikes by slowing down the absorption of sugars you are also stopping it from being accumulated as fat which then causes your body to burn off its existing fat for energy. The slower the intake process the longer the body achieves fat-loss mode.

What’s Special about Skinny Piggies?

So you could be wondering, what’s different about Skinny Piggies compared to the other fat loss pills you see out there?

To begin with, Skinny Piggies contains no artificial ingredients. Take a look at your average fat burner and you’ll see a whole line-up of chemical names.

Skinny Piggies have zero artificial additives – you can actually read and pronounce all the active ingredients. The beneficial, all natural ingredients used in Skinny Piggies also have added health benefits including things like support for strong hair and nails, glowing skin, and anti-aging properties.

Besides that, Skinny Piggies have zero caffeine. That is a vital fact to know because when you consume stimulants, not only are you risking struggling with burnout and tiredness later, but it restricts when you can use them. Use a caffeine fat burner too close to bed and make no mistake about it, you will not sleep that night.

With Skinny Piggies, you can eat them even at night without a problem. There are no such restrictions with this product.

Finally, what other weight loss product is as yummy as a strawberry flavored gummy? ‘Thought so!

You will enjoy eating these so remembering to take your supplements will not be an obstacle. They’re simple to use and anyone can get going right away. Try one and they will become a highlight of your day.

Losing weight is hard, but with Skinny Piggies you’ll have a better probability of success! Skinny Piggies, a premeal treat you don’t have to feel guilty about. Visit Skinny Piggies natural appetite suppressant gummies at

Eigenbeleg Vorlagen zur Vervollständigung ihrer Rechnungsführung

Eigenbeleg Vorlagen zur Vervollständigung ihrer Rechnungsführung

Downloaden Sie unseren Eigenbeleg als Vorlage und gestalten Sie damit selber einen Ausgabennachweis. Das Ersatzbeleg Muster im Microsoft Word-Dokument ist schon fertig ausgestellt und braucht lediglich noch ausgefüllt werden. Die Mustervorlage können Sie sowohl per Hand als auch am Rechner fertigstellen.

Sie haben keinen Rechnungsnachweise mehr oder haben keinen Ausgabennachweis erhalten? KeinThema! Gestalten Sie schnell, problemlos und kostenlos einen Eigenbeleg für eine lückenlose Geschäftsbuchhaltung.

Sehen Sie nun wie Sie einen eigenen Beleg erstellen.

Wie Sie unsere Eigenbeleg Vorlage ausfüllen sollten

Im Steuergebiet gilt der Leitfaden „Keine Verbuchung ohne Beleg“. Der Eigenbeleg kann nur dann erstellt werden, sobald eine Quittung in keinster Weise mehr vorhanden oder nicht nutzbar ist. Damit der eigene Beleg von den Finanzbehörden akzeptiert werden kann, muss jener im Zuge einer Betriebsausgabe erstellt worden sein.

Wichtig bei einem selbst ausgestellten Beleg ist die Dokumentation sämtlicher spezifischen Informationen über ihre geschäftliche Aufwendung, so wie diese typischerweise auch auf dem Originalbeleg aufgeführt wären. Ihr Eigenbeleg muss demzufolge nachzuvollziehen & von der Höhe der Ausgabe her glaubwürdig sein. Auf einem eigenen Beleg sind daher ausnahmslos der Vor- und Nachname sowie die Anschrift des Zahlenden, der Anlass für die Geschäftsausgabe, der Rechnungsbetrag, der Grund für das Erstellen des Ersatzbelegs, das Datum sowie die Unterschrift des Zahlenden anzugeben.

Hierbei sollte der Eigenbeleg stets der Ausnahmefall bleiben. Unzählige und zu oft erstellte Ersatzbelege sind bei einer Steuerprüfung gegebenenfalls nicht glaubwürdig.

Der Ersatzbeleg für fehlende Originalquittungen

Besteht für eine betriebliche Ausgabe kein Beleg & ist die anschließende Besorgung der Notbelege oder einer Kopie der Quittung nicht realisierbar oder zu schwierig, so kann ein Entrepreneur oder auch sein Beschäftigter einen Ersatzbeleg ausstellen. Auf jenem notiert dieser die nötigsten Infos zum Geschäftlichen Vorfall.

Der Ersatzbeleg dient in der Buchhaltung als Fundament für die Verbuchung des Geschäftsvorfalls. Kostenfreie Muster und Vorlagen helfen beim Erstellen Ihrer Ersatzbelege. Die Kosten sollten selbstverständlich geschäftlich veranlasst sein, um als Betriebsausgaben zu gelten. Die gezahlte Mehrwertsteuer kann ein Unternehmensinhaber keinesfalls als Vorsteuer abziehen, sofern dieser den Geschäftsvorfall alleinig mit einem Eigenbeleg nachweist. Nichtsdestotrotz zählt demzufolge auch der gesamte Bruttobetrag als Geschäftsausgabe.

Neben den Fällen, wo der Ersatzbeleg den originalen Beleg ersetzen soll, gibt es in einem Unternehmen auch Geschäftsvorgänge, bei denen es zur Erstellung von Ersatzbelegen gar keine Alternativlösung gibt, etwa im Falle von privaten Entnahmen oder -Einzahlungen von Kapital oder Sachwerten. Kostenlose Vorlagen & Muster helfen beim Erstellen von Eigenbelegen. Genauso bieten wir ein Tool für genau diesen Zweck an, welches ebenfalls kostenlos bereit steht.

Eigenbelege sind für niedrige Ausgaben unbedenklich

Ersatzbelege für Kleinbeträge bis zu 150 Euro brutto seien weitgehend unproblematisch, heißt es bei dem BVBC.

Das gilt vornehmlich für Zahlungsvorgänge, die über ein Bankkonto geführt wurden. Bekanntlich bestehe diesfalls ein Bankauszug als Nebenbeleg. Schwieriger sind Bargeldzahlungen. Eigenbelege für Barzahlungen kann der Zahlende um zusätzliche Nachweise ergänzen, sofern er solche weiteren Nachweise hat.

Fehlt beispielsweise eine Portoquittung, kann eine Replika des Briefes ihre Kosten untermauern. Einige Kleinbeträge lassen sich ohnehin alleinig mittels Eigenbeleg von der Steuer absetzen. Trinkgelder zum Anlass einer Bewirtung wird ein Selbstständiger nicht quittiert bekommen. Hierfür brauchen Sie den Bewirtungsbeleg.

China HSMT PCB Assembly Manufacturers, Suppliers And Factory

China HSMT PCB Assembly Manufacturers, Suppliers And Factory

We provide high quality PCB fabrication and assembly at low cost, on time delivery and with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our electronic hardware engineering team will play the role of FAE (Field Application Engineer) to support PCBA manufacturers directly at their location in order to help them to debug hardware issue before China PCB manufacturer involving the next step of the manufacturing.

The core competencies which have enabled Asian Circuits to offer low-cost PCB, are its own PCB manufacturing facility, a specialized electronic components procurement team, and a well-equipped PCB assembly house for circuit board assembly in Shenzhen, China.

With three editions ( International , China and Southeast Asia ) and five websites ( International ; China ; Southeast Asia ; Germany , Austria , Switzerland ; UK and Ireland ). The magazines, websites and newsletters offer solution-led technical articles, business forecasts, insightful columns, coverage of industry news, new products and events.

Our capabilities include military standard assembly and UL assembly we incorporate three high speed Siemens SMT lines,ensuring a highly reliable PCB assembly outcome.Surface mount,through hole,BGA,QFP,QFN component loading all meet programming,AOL Inspection and Function Test.

Global SMT & Packaging magazine covers all industry sectors involved in electronics assembly such as Aerospace, Telecommunications, Consumer, Industrial, Military, Medical and reports on the latest emerging technologies such as wearables, renewable energy, LEDs and OLEDs.