10 Best Home Gyms 2017

10 Best Home Gyms 2017


For example: you might be introverted, you may dislike large public crowds in general, you may not like to present yourself in public when you’re not looking your best, you might not feel secure with your body and therefore are embarrassed to go to the gym, etc. Of course you won’t have everything you want right away, and start-up gyms on a microdermabrasion machine budget don’t usually make for a top-rated Pinterest image, but once you have that foundation you can start putting those gym dues towards improving your own space rather than paying rent for someone else’s, and that is something that you can definitely be proud of.

The home gym is designed to be biomechanically accurate, helping you achieve more out of your workouts by working with your body rather than against it. The home gym has three different levels of a pulley, an adjustable bench press station, chest and shoulder presses and a 200-pound weight stack.

The Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym has got numerous features which makes it worth considering system for the people to perform multiple exercises, including chest press, ab crunch, cable curls and extensions, leg curls, low and high pulley, bicep curls, seated rows, wrist curls, shrugs, upright rows, triceps press down and calf raises.

According to our research, which consisted of compiling over 1,000 user reviews on the Xtreme 2SE, it has an average 4.8/5 star rating with 98% of customers stating they would recommend to a friend, making this the highest-rated home gym by customers.

With that big of a price difference, usually you would expect some sort of lack in quality or features, but the Ultimate Body Works is high-quality, durable, and packed with functionality offering over 50 exercises, putting it right on par with the rest of the total gym systems but at a fraction of the cost.